Audio / video

“Death and painting”


“The Limerick triptych”

“John Shinnors, phenomenology and two stories about fish”

I delivered this talk at the Limerick School of Art and Design’sACADemy” research day “Making it” on 10/Feb/2015.

“After Francis Bacon: The artist as a ‘Pulverising machine'”

I delivered this talk at Limerick Institute of Technology’s “2nd Annual Postgraduate Student Mini-Conference on 25/March/2015.

art lab: “Oil paint & materials A – Z”

art lab: “Underpainting techniques”

art lab: “Drawing & painting surfaces and supports”

Illustrating the human condition: A documentary by Declan O’Meara

This is Declan O’Meara’s excellent documentary made leading up to my first solo show of paintings. It’s part of a trilogy on three Cork city based artists at different stages in their careers. I’m the sapling one… His email address is included at the end if you’d like a copy.

“Bubblegum Geisha” by R

It’s not often in the creation of an original work of art that I take on the role of the muse, normally I’m looking for the spirit of the muse to move through me to help with the “old making stuff lark”. That being said, I’m delighted that R have been inspired enough by my work to craft this wonderful song.

“Bubblegum Geisha”, 2009 – Paper collage and gold leaf on Canson Montval 300gm watercolour paper, 24 x 20 inches (unavailable)

“Bubblegum Geisha” – Paper collage and gold leaf on watercolour paper


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