“Pictures of an exhibition” – March 12th 2010 in the Cork School of Music

Pierre O’Reilly

The orchestra practicing

“Pictures of an exhibition” –  A collaboration between Cork School of Music student, pianist & composer Pierre O’Reilly and artist Stephen Murphy, based on mutual mastery of technique and appreciation for the classical tradition presented in a contemporary manner.

The artist will present a selling exhibition of paintings and works on paper in the Cork School of Musics foyer, fronted by Joanne McCarthy, current Director of New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey. The exhibition will be open to the public, admission free, until 7pm on Friday 12th. The official reception begins at 7.00pm with the concert following at 8.30pm sharp.

The evening will culminate in a one-off live concert composed by O’Reilly, conducted by Conor Palliser and performed by the student orchestra of the Cork School of Music.

This special event follows on from the 2009 collaboration, ‘Uba’s Story’ – a composition by Mr. O’Reilly performed by the CSM student orchestra with a live projection of narrative imagery created by emerging illustrator Rosemary Byrne.

About the Concert

The concept of O’Reilly’s composition and the event itself is a reference to a very famous piece of classical music called ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ by 19th Century Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. A suite of ten movements composed for piano, it is a well-known showpiece for virtuoso pianists.

About the Exhibition

This exhibition of ten selected works in oil on canvas and drawing/mixed media on paper forms a visual metaphor and narrative of the chronology of ‘growing up’. The first five works are related to early childhood – themes of play specifically. Works six and seven are related to adolescence, and works eight, nine and ten relate to ‘grown up’, or as the artist terms, “existential matters”.

About the Technique

Murphy has meticulously developed a rich library of visual imagery, symbols and subject matter alongside a strict base of classical painting techniques: draughtsmanship, composition and colour theory. His works provoke extreme reactions in viewers, with many of his works not created to be simply aesthetic in manner, but to take the viewer to a place beyond emotive connection and to a place rich in reference, style, technique and context.

About the Composer

Pierre O’Reilly is a composer and pianist whose early travels and experiences have deeply influenced his rich vein of work. His solo recitals comprising of moody and expressive tones with an often dramatic style along with observations on his compositions have enveloped audiences wherever he has performed.

O’Reillys suite for orchestra and choir ‘Uba’s Story – A Tale From The Wild’ premiered last year and solidified his position as a great emerging talent.

The forthcoming collaboration with artist Stephen Murphy titled ‘Pictures Of An Exhibition’ will enhance O’Reillys innovative and thrilling dynamic with orchestra and choir. He is presently studying for a Bachelor of Music at the Cork School of Music.

~With thanks to Ms. Joanne McCarthy


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