For The Love Of God at the Mill Street Studios, Dublin,

Well there’s no shortage of arty engagements in July for me to inadvertently offend someone during… The first up is a new exhibition concept that is the brain-child of the handsome and talented Ivor Noyek and his friend Shane O’Driscoll. Here’s their explanation of what they envisioned…
“For The Love Of God” asked creatives from all over Ireland to respond to the brief interpreting “God” in whatever way they saw fit. The responses to this often controversial and ambiguous topic have been as varied and contrasting as would be expected. The pieces range from the literal to the abstract and often the idiosyncratic. It makes for an eclectic and intriguing body of work that is not to be missed.

I unfortunately misinterpreted the brief and got hung up on the “Love” section, but hopefully no-one will notice… Check out their website for more details.

For The Love Of God invite

UPDATE 10/July/09:

Well a great night was had by all, my old alma mater the Limerick School of Art and Design was well represented. The Mill Street Studios exhibition space is both ginormous and beautiful and there was plenty of quality art and design goodies squeezed in there. To see all the current work check out the FTLO website. Kopparberg kindly supplied the drinks and there was a spectacular, because spectacle is the only word that can describe it, performance by Ruari Lynch. As everybody knows, exhibition openings aren’t about looking at art, but partying, so the party continued with us travelling into the lovely South William Bar, where I like to get a posh pie once in a while, and followed onto the excellent Spy Bar. Well done to Ivor and Shane who put a phoenomenal amount of work into the evening, and thanks to Hazel and the gang in the Mill Street Studios for accomodating us all.

DSCF5872The crowd on the night


My painting in situ


There’s always room for Kevin O’Keeffe


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