Brian Smyth Selects at the Lavit Gallery Cork, Oct 7th 2008

Back in July 2003 I was visiting a friend who had a space in the Backwater Artists Studios in Cork City. Sharing the studio next to him was an artist named Brian Smyth, who had these paintings in among the lot he was working on.

Brian Smyth - Artist in studio, 2003

Brian Smyth – “Artist in Studio”

Brian Smyth – “Organschleifer”

At the time I was in the middle of college and didn’t know anything about anything, least of all painting, but these images stuck with me and I always followed Brians career and upwards trajectory.

So when I was asked to take part in a show in the Lavit Gallery in my hometown, which was being selected by Brian, I jumped at the chance. There’s going to be lots of other hot painting talent, including Brian Smyth himself, Philip Lindey, Patrick Cashin, Mary Clancy and my friend and greatest art-nemesis, the superlative Jennifer O’Connor. It’ll be kicking off at 8.00pm, down by the RTE building and Father Matthew hall. Hope to see you there with all the rest of Cork’s Glitterati…


2 Responses to Brian Smyth Selects at the Lavit Gallery Cork, Oct 7th 2008

  1. Ross says:

    Hey the big show!! congrates – heard from the bro adam bout it today – will be there:)


  2. Eileen & Shane says:

    Congrats on the exhibition. Sorry we couldn’t make it. I’m sure it is amazing, just like all your work. The scarecrow, hanging on our living room wall is our proudest possession up here in Dublin.

    Hope you have a great night, congrats again

    Eileen & Shane

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