My first residency

I’m very happy to tell you that I have been invited to my very first residency. Nicholas Fox Weber, director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation has invited me to avail of their fantastic studio facilities over in Connecticut in America. So I’m going over on Monday 11th June to enjoy some good old American hospitality for a month and do a bit of drawing and painting too. One of the last Irish artists over to visit was Donald Teskey, so that’ll give you an indication of the standard of artists that have participated in the residency program.

Coincidentally, there’s an exhibition of paintings that Donald Teskey made while attending the residency program last Winter currently showing in the Rubicon Gallery, just off St. Stephens Green in Dublin. It’s entitled “From Bethany to Beacon Falls” and it’s on until the 24th of August, I had a chance to see it during the week and would highly recommend checking it out as it’s a great follow up to his 2005 exhibition “Tidal narratives”.

UPDATE 15/July/07:

I had a fantastic time in Connecticut, residencies are a great way to de-fuzz the old brain after making a serious body of work. I had a lot of time to be introspective and assess and reassess a lot of things, but most importantly I had the time to do something that I had been avoiding for a while, which was drawing. I bought myself some fantastic senellier oil pastels and drew and drew. It’s a great buzz after doing serious paintings that took so many months of concentration that they wrecked my eyesight.

The staff of the foundation are a great gang, and incredibly passionate about documenting and promoting the work of Josef and Anni Albers. I had a chance to see the greatest collection of the Alberses work any where in the world in the Foundations “vault” and was inspired by the sheer quantity and quality of it all. I was pretty ignorant of who Josef Albers was before I went over, and what an impact he made on the art world, so I was surprised to learn he was a member of the Bauhaus and pretty much single-handedly invented all modern thinking on colour theory. Stuff I was taught in college for instance!

My studio

The Clark Studio, where I spent the last month working

The view

The view

An aerial view of my studio

An aerial view of my studio

Studio interior

The studios interior, check out the Albers chairs against the back wall, the cousin of the Bauhaus chair (Sorry about the bad photos, I’m not a good photographer!)

Works in progress

A sneak preview of some works in progress, and some concept sketches for some new paintings


3 Responses to My first residency

  1. studio-model says:

    Studio Glamour Modeling

    hey good stuff

  2. Keep pushing out the boundries Steve.
    Anne & Finbarr

  3. mike davoren says:

    thats a cracking photo of the skinny tree mate!

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