The big show is over…

Three weeks have came and went, and my first big solo show of paintings “Epiphany, serendipity and synchronicity: illustrations of the human condition” is officially over. It was a great night altogether, loads of lovely people came from all over to be there. John Shinnors opened the show and had loads of nice things to say about my paintings, I always said he’s the soundest man on the Irish art scene. Coincidentally there’s an accompanying documentary by Declan O’Meara for the show called “Illustrating the human condition” featuring me talking all “arty”, that’ll be available on DVD for anybody interested. You can now see all the paintings from the show on my portfolio site –

Gallery view

Gallery view

Gallery view 2

Gallery view

The crowd outside

the crowd outside (twas fairly packed inside)

more of the crowd outside

more of the crowd outside

John Shinnors, Mike Bourke, me and Conor Harrington

John Shinnors, Mike Bourke, myself and Conor Harrington chilling…


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