A little teaser…

I won’t be touching this blog for another while yet, so I’ll just stick up some place-holder info for y’all. I’m going to be having my first solo show, “Epiphany, serendipity and synchronicity: illustrations of the human condition”, in the Normoyle Frawley Gallery in Limerick on Thursday May 10th 2007, and you’re all invited!

It’s going to be officially opened by John Shinnors and will have 12 new paintings and 3 previously sold ones borrowed back from private collections.

Below is a photo of the painting that’s going to be on the invitation so you kind of know what to expect…

See you all there hopefully and make sure to check out www.nfgallery.com, www.stephenmurphyart.com and my myspace page for further details.



7 Responses to A little teaser…

  1. fr. Phonsie says:

    Hi Steve,
    great show last night. What a talent God has given you! Tried to get my head around all the Karl Jung stuff but couldn’t. Was that for real or just for the hell of it? I sensed a keen pathos in your work with the numan condition but obviously there is so much more to explore. Well done. Would love to buy one sometime. I mean it. Maybe I will give you a commission.
    Anyway, that’s all for now.

    God bless
    Fr. Phonsie

  2. puzzle says:

    Well done brother. That was great. Cant wait for the next show. Hopeyour treating yourself to some time off. Inspiring. Off the chain boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


  3. gerry says:

    good man Steve, that was some show, youv been working fair hard. it was very inspiring, i have a lot of stuff to ask you about the next time i see you!

  4. Tom Moore says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sheer class but I’m not surprised. I always knew you had talent now I know you have the work ethic to match – keep it up and you’ll go all the way.

    Tom Moore.

  5. JOBO says:

    Very sexy web page!!!! snazy!!!!!!!
    Go steve!!!! roll in the cash

    Love ya you pioneer you

  6. hazel + veronica says:

    hello stephen,
    i have your original work and i may sell it on e-bay!!
    your paintings are unreal! we must go to your next show!

  7. Photograph of the painting – Chastity – for invitation – fantastic. You certainly have talent & not afraid to use it…. Looking forward to your next Exhibition – good luck.
    Anne & Finbarr

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